Connected Groundwork and Riding®

Many of us will do anything to have that relationship and connection with our horses. We want to become the leader for the dance. Enhance the relationship between you and your horse by improving behavior, performance and well-being. Connected Groundwork and Riding® is applicable to all disciplines, and focuses on the balance of both the horse and the rider. From beginners to professionals, Connected Groundwork and Riding® will help both you and your horse achieve your full potential whether on the trail or in the show ring.

Coaching / Equestrian Confidence

You are not alone. Fear and loss of confidence can happen at any time and to anyone regardless of their experience level, from beginner to professional. When it’s power is greater than your power to push through it, fear can be devastating. With Anke, explore your own mental and emotional side of fear. As you build and regain your confidence around horses, you will also increase confidence in other areas of your life. It is a journey worth taking, because your horse is looking for you to be the best that you can be. Windy days, riding on the trails, stepping through the show gate, whatever situation is presented, you and your horse will be able to move forward with confidence!

Healthy Living

One less french fry, one more apple. Healthy living can take on many forms. Depending upon what is important to you, Anke can help you find your path and help you get there. Whether it is pain in your body, a desire to achieve a healthy weight, or make a mental or emotional shift, Anke has a team of professionals behind her to help you change your life. Through Health and Life Coaching, Anke can help empower you through life’s transitions by forming a solid foundation for you to build on. Nutritional counseling, health and wellness products, healthy weight, life balance and much more, come discover what your mind and body may have been missing!